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OpenArena bots running away from you.
Started by Mapsking
Mapsking Rep. 194
#1   08 Sep 2020
I have noticed a lot of bots in maps physically running backwards, and AWAY from you. They will still sometimes shoot at you, but it is definitely noticeable. I am not sure why it is happening, but sometimes you have to literally chase the bot down and follow them. I noticed leilei is still around, so I am hoping maybe she, or anyone can provide some insight into maybe why this is happening, or what I can do, if anything about it?

Is it due to the way the map is made, the way the botfile is compiled, some setting within OA, or some other potential conflict?

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

raspatan Rep. 1708
#2   08 Sep 2020
Hi there. You might have more luck in the forum dedicated to the game, www.openarena.ws/board/
Mapsking Rep. 194
#3   09 Sep 2020
I am not able to post there, so I was asking here. Many people play using the ioquake engine, so I thought someone might know.
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