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NetRadiant text suddenly turned to all rectangles
Started by Mapsking
Mapsking Rep. 173
#1   11 Jun 2020
I was in NetRadiant the other day, and must have accidentally hit a button, and now, it shows all rectangles where the text of everything should be in the three views. Does anyone know what I may have accidentally hit, and how to fix it? Here is a screenshot. I am guessing something to do with unicode text, but am not sure. I just accidentally hit a hotkey, and did not realize what I had hit.



Tig Rep. 884
#2   11 Jun 2020
Looks like a missing font file to me. I use GtkRadiant so settings might be different, but you could remove your current settings with the "clean" option under Preferences. This should set up the defaults and remove the issue.
Mapsking Rep. 173
#3   11 Jun 2020
It works as expected on some maps, but others, it does this. Thanks for the tip, I will check that out.
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