Looking for specific CTF map
Started by raspatan
raspatan Rep. 4134
#1   13 May 2020
Hi there,
I remember playing long (long!) ago, say in 2005, a very small CTF map. As far as I remember it was one single room, closed (no open sky), with the two flags on view of each other. I say room because it wasn't a giant box. The player load was perhaps 2v2, 3v3 at the most. The textures were classic (like q3ctf1). There was a bridge in the middle. And, most importantly, and this is why it caught on my memory, it had the "Brave Heart" film music in the background. I've searched for it on this site without success (using the special search tool). Maybe I didn't download it from this site.
That's my sparse recollection of the map. Anyone might have an idea of which map would that be?


Tig Rep. 1184
#2   15 May 2020
This one comes to mind, but there is a sky and I am not sure about the sound track: Block by r3x.theCat - lvlworld.com/review/id:2308
raspatan Rep. 4134
#3   19 May 2020
Thanks. That's not the one though. Will keep searching.
lurker Rep. 10
#4   6 days ago
World's End by .ki.Maverik?

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