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Projectiles disappearing in my map
KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 1680
#1   19 Nov 2018
I made most brushes in my map that aren't doors, buttons, or lifts (with the exception of the ones that seal it to prevent leaks) detail to fix the problem where sometimes projectiles like rockets and plasma (as well as monsters in the Hunt mod) will turn invisible. Does anyone know how I can fix this? I tried googling this and nobody seems to know.
Martinus Rep. 562
#2   22 Nov 2018
You only have 3 options to solve this problem:

1. Increase the com_hunkmegs
2. Do more work on the map VIS
3. Accept Jesus

KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 1680
#3   22 Nov 2018
I've already completed #3, I don't know what level to set com_hunkmegs to, and I don't know what I'm supposed to do about the map VIS to fix this problem. Based on what you can see from the file www.dropbox....alq/krds.pk3?dl=0 what observations can you make?

Also now on the red base the textures in the crater and RG trench are missing for some reason. Why is this happening even when I go into Radiant, I don't see anything unusual? (did a brush cleanup and nothing unusual was found)

Martinus Rep. 562
#4   23 Nov 2018
The VIS is absolutely not working on your map. Load a vanilla map, and bring down the console. type /r_showtris 1 (obviously 0 disable this command). This comand show which tris are drawn by the engine. On your map, every single tris rendered at the same time.
Making most of the brushes detail is not a good solution. Detail should be on your map like: furnitures, tanks, terrain, wall monitors, etc...
Structural brushes should be: room walls, corridors, etc...
But, here is some tutorial: www.quake3wo...wtopic.php?t=3620

Your scripts folder is a mess... I did not say anything to you to do something like that...

For the missing textures, which only shows in the editor I suppose, I have a solution for that: In Radiant, select everything by pressing the i button, the ctrl+c, click on new map, and ctrl+v, then, save.

SexyChucky Rep. 0
#5   23 Nov 2018
Accept Jesus lol

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