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A map by request
Started by roboticmehdi
roboticmehdi Rep. 0
#1   30 Oct 2018

Can you guys create a map by request?
It is a map from other game that I would really love to see in quake 3

KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 1750
#2   31 Oct 2018
I've asked people in the past to try and make maps for me, and the answer they always gave me was "no, do it yourself".

I'm sort of in the process of making a map with one big idea for a map design I've had for years, but am only making now that I've figured out how to use GTKRadiant.

roboticmehdi Rep. 0
#3   31 Oct 2018
I guess mapping is hard, so mappers map what they enjoy. Is GTKRadiant the only way to map? What are most popular methods? What did id tech use to make quake 3 maps?
Martinus Rep. 562
#4   03 Nov 2018
No, mapping is not a hard thing. It has parts which are annyoing (like the testing parts), but it's absolutely not hard.
The most used map editor tool nowadays for Quake 3 is GTKRadiant (and maybe NetRadiant), but you can also use Quark (Quake army knife) and Jackhammer editors too. The original editor that ID used to create maps was Q3Radiant.
Try make maps, it will be fun! Trust me! :)
Obsessed Rep. 386
#5   03 Nov 2018
I always need some inspiration. if it's not mine - how can I do something cool?.. :-) and if someone is a professional, hwo can do this easily, he just has a lot of work, making something modern and paid.
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