EmeraldTigerRep. 1030
16 Nov 2018, 17:08 AEDT
Hey Neon_Knight - thanks for trying the mod out! Really happy to hear you enjoyed it and that it works well in Open Arena. I have tried it out in OA myself and was also pleasantly surprised at its compatibility, which is really a testament to how well-designed Open Arena and its modding support is.
Uber Nailgun would probably have an armor-piercing (always does full damage regardless of armor) ability, similar to the Lava Nailgun from Quake MP2 or the ETF Rifle from Quake 2 Ground Zero. A more gimmicky idea would be nails that leave behind clouds of toxic gas behind them which linger for a few seconds after the nails fly by (basically just recoloring the clouds the nails already leave behind green, and making them last longer), giving it area denial prospects like that of the GL / Prox Launcher.
Since the CG is just a beefier MG, the Uber Chaingun would probably be modeled after whatever functionality the currently hypothetical Uber Machinegun would have.
Uber Prox Launcher is a tough call since the weapon is already pretty powerful and abusable, so I would either treat it like the BFG and just go crazy with it, or nerf it first and then base the uberweapon version off of the nerfed version. To me, the Prox Launcher being as powerful as it is is more likely the result of poor planning as opposed to an intentional design decision, so the second option sounds more appealing to me.
Uber Grappling Hook sounds funny. One easy idea would be to increase the speed of the hook itself. Could also make it so that the hook can pull other players towards you, and fling them around, somewhat like the Gravity Gun from HL2.
Integrating Team Arena support in some fashion - like what Generations Arena is doing now - is something I've considered and would love to do at some point after getting some more polish done on the mod. The major problem would be the hardcoded limits for certain item types. For example, q_shared.h declares the power-up item limit to be 16, and trying to exceed that or change that maximum value results in weird, undefined behavior. To make room for the three new power-ups I had to undefine the four Team Arena runes. I could maybe move them over to a new category (since they already work fundamentally differently from standard power-ups, which makes one wonder why id lumped them in the same category in the first place), but it'd definitely require some major restructuring.
It looks like the uber Gauntlet / uber Machinegun is picking up traction. Given that they're starter weapons, and thus you already have one copy of each upon spawn, I was thinking of making it so you'd only have to pick up two gauntlets / two MG's to get their uber versions, but as a tradeoff their uber versions aren't as powerful as the uber versions of the non-starter weapons.
Neon_KnightRep. 93
16 Nov 2018, 23:06 AEDT
Well, Uber Machinegun and Uber Chaingun could be differentiated like the Minigun and Stinger Minigun from the Unreal series. Both have a rapid-fire primary mode with a lot of spread, but the Minigun has a slower-ROF, more accurate alternate while the Stinger Minigun has a projectile-like attack which pins people to walls.
As for the Prox Launcher, it could be a spidermine of sorts, you shoot it into the floor and make it walk towards any enemies that are in close distance. Kind of like the Mine Layer from Unreal Tournament 2004. Or go the Flak Cannon route and make it a mortar. I was already aware that mines were overpowered, so nerfing them could be a good idea.
Neon_KnightRep. 93
17 Nov 2018, 08:46 AEDT
Oh, a criticism I can make is that there should be a way to tell the player that he has an uberweapon, something like adding an effect or graphic to the weapon's icon or a message ("You have obtained the Uber<weapon>") when you finally managed to obtain one.
Neon_KnightRep. 93
18 Nov 2018, 07:07 AEDT
Here's an entities.ent file for the xml-based versions of Radiant:
I'm adapting 10 OpenArena maps for this mod (4 CTF and 10 FFA), might require testing and some help. :)
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EmeraldTigerRep. 1030
18 Nov 2018, 13:39 AEDT
I agree with your critique; having a way to identify one's own uberweapon makes sense (I sometimes forget that I carry one). I was thinking having the number 2 printed at the bottom-right corner of a weapon icon for when 2 of the same weapon are picked up as well, to show the player's progress. Eventually I'd like to create new skins for all of the uberweapons to make them visually distinct too (for example, my proposed Arc Lightning Gun skin recolors the LG purple with gold prongs), which I suppose just amounts to a shader remap.
I also have worked on trying to add a third-person indicator for uberweapons to warn other players, but my attempts at implementing it have failed for reasons I still struggle to fathom. I started a thread over in Q3W a while back about this issue (;t=53914). Admittedly it was created back when the code was still very messy, but I have ran into the same issue on a clean source (both standard and ioq3 sources) and with my current source code. The basic issue is that I want to set an entity flag whenever an uberweapon is obtained for client-game communication, but they aren't transmitted over to cgame for whatever reason. It also poses a barrier to doing things such as putting in a tracking sound for homing rockets, or using distinct projectile effects (for example, I'd like to use magenta or some other color for ion plasma bolts).
I'm super-excited to hear that you're doing some Uber Arena map adaptations for Open Arena, and thanks for the entity file! Your contributions are enormously appreciated and I look forward to seeing which maps you chose and how they turn out. Definitely reach out to me for updates and if you need any assistance.
Neon_KnightRep. 93
19 Nov 2018, 13:00 AEDT
Here's a clean gamepack. It contains definitions for both OpenArena and Quake III (must be tested, as I had to generate both entities.ent and entities.def from the OA files).
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Neon_KnightRep. 93
19 Nov 2018, 16:01 AEDT
Well, here's the first adaptation of the pack, the CTF map ps9ctf, adapted as ua_oac_ps9.
Not many changes, just opened the third floor by enlarging the ceiling, adding trampolines, adding a lower chamber for a double pouch/ammo crate team, and replacing MP weapons and items with UA items.
As it's an OpenArena adaptation, it comes with sources and license.
EmeraldTigerRep. 1030
04 Jan 2019, 21:12 AEDT
Hope everyone is having an excellent 2019 so far! This year will be Quake 3's 20th anniversary and to kick things off Uber Arena Version 0.3 is now available for download:
- Added 2 new maps:
- Tarnished Steel (ua_bal3dm4)
Original Author: Benoit "Bal" Stordeur
NOTE: Item layout based on the OSP version (ospdm3)
- Tyrant Twilight (ua_tyrant)
Original Author: Tim "spirit" Schäfer
- Added uberweapons for the gauntlet and machinegun. Only two pickups of these weapons are needed to acquire them.
- Vampire Gauntlet: Damage inflicted by this weapon is given back to the player as health / armor. 1.3x increased speed and 25% damage resistance.
- Piercing Machinegun: Does full damage regardless of armor (while still damaging armor); zero spread.
- Changed how uberweapons work in duel. Every time the player obtains an uberweapon, a limited amount of "ubered" ammo is provided to them. This can be viewed through a separate ammo counter at the bottom-right corner of the ammo icon next to the regular ammo counter. Once a player uses up all of their ubered ammo, the weapon reverts back to normal.
The intention behind this change was to address a potentially serious balance issue for uberweapons in duel, making them far less likely to result in runaway victories. Before, the only way to lose an uberweapon was to die. If the uberweapon user kept armor and health control then the chances of the out-of-control player making a comeback would be very thin as there would be nothing they could do about the uberweapon. With ubered ammo, the uberweapon user not only has to use their shots wisely, but after they use them - whether successfully or not - they go back to having a standard weapon and thus no longer carry the permanent advantage of an uberweapon in previous versions. That being said, uberweapons should still be seen as a viable alternative to armor and health in terms of map control, as a way to fight against an in-control player with a high stack. The out-of-control player simply needs to be careful with their shots and if they succeed in regaining control this way then depending on how much uber ammo they used they will either have a slight advantage after the other player respawns, or both will be back on equal ground in terms of weapon control.
- Added the Tyrant medal, awarded for obtaining 2 uberweapons in a single life and for every uberweapon picked up afterwards.
- Power-up initial spawns are no longer random; they are now always guaranteed to spawn 45 seconds after the match begins. The 120-second respawn time is still in effect.
- If the player has 3+ copies of a weapon (in other words, they have an uberweapon), any additional copies they pickup won't count towards their weapon limit, and they can continue to pick that weapon up even if they have reached their limit. Suggested by CannerZ45 at ModDB:
- In previous versions, only players that were first hit and poisoned by the Toxic Railgun, then were fragged afterwards, would lose a frag. Now, players fragged by the Toxic Railgun will always lose a frag, whether it is immediate or after being poisoned.
- Weapon quantity / uberweapon indicators now present in the weapon selection bar. Silver squares with "2" for weapons the player owns 2 copies of, and gold squares with "3" for uberweapons.
- Super Ammo Crate colors revamped - now cycles through multiple colors instead of a single rainbow-colored texture. Icon remains the same. In vertex lighting the box will be gray.
- Uberweapon names now appear on the weapon selection bar (intended from the beginning, but accidentally left out due to a qvm-related issue).
- Fixed a bug where dropped items that received knockback would respawn at the map origin instead of disappearing. Thanks to Martinus for bringing this to my attention.
- Fixed a bug that caused rockets to try to fly towards previously fired homing rockets if only one player was present.
- Fixed a bug in which an item that shared a spawn with another item(s) could cause the next item in the team chain to spawn early, instead of having the knocked item return to its original location. Such items would either be stuck in their new positions post-knockback or even be removed from the map entirely after pickup.
I've also restarted the Uber Arena server (address updated with version 0.3 and the new maps. As always feedback (especially in-depth gameplay feedback) is appreciated; create conversations about how to innovate the arena FPS genre while remaining true to its principles.
richoiRep. 0
05 Jan 2019, 08:52 AEDT
thank you ET (EmeraldTiger) :-)
just looked at briefly. so far, liking the indicator numbers in the weapon selection bar; the toxic rail gunner glow is nice as are the additional 2 maps.
one note, in the 2 new added maps, i played with 2 bots, sometimes bot skins turn very dark - black, is that a normal effect?
20 years for Q3 and still enjoying.
EmeraldTigerRep. 1030
19 Feb 2019, 17:14 AEDT
Version 0.4 released!
- Changelog:
- Christian Antkow, the original Quake 3 announcer, now voices the Conservation and Scavenger power-ups, the Tyrant medal, and the main menu intro. HUGE thanks for your work; it is a real honor to have you involved in my mod!
- Added 4 new maps:
- Torn to Shreds (uadm9)
Original Author: Dan "CardO" Shannon
NOTE: Based on the QueToo version; originally a Quake 2 map

- Factory Frenzy (uadm10)
Original Author: Nick "Nickster" Hambrecht
- Out on a Capture (uactf1)
Original Author: Tigger-On
NOTE: CTF version of Out on a Rampage (uadm3)
- Spirit Collision (uactf2)
Original Author: Tim "spirit" Schäfer
- Newly redesigned menu, with a cool Matrix background effect courtesy of Stefan "sst13" Scholz (from his "Campgrounds Matrix Edition" map)
- Holdable items, as well as the gauntlet / machinegun, can now be dropped by players upon death or specating. If the Storage Capsule is dropped, it will revert to Standby Mode, and any item carried in it at the time (if any) will be dropped along with it, including items that normally couldn't be dropped like armor and health.
- Storage Capsule now displays the icon of the item it is currently carrying above its own icon.
- Players carrying uberweapons can now be identified by glowing orbs encircling their player model. The color of the orb corresponds to whatever weapon they are currently carrying; for example, players with the Homing Rocket Launcher will have a red orb.
- New piercing machinegun sound.
- New homing rocket sound (tracking beep noises).
- New multi-grenade skin (hazard stripes; brighter green light flash).
- New arc lightning color (gold).
- New ion plasma bolt color (magenta); inspired by the Q3Test plasma gun.
- New toxic railgun sound (hiss).
- New BFG30K bolt color (blue).
- New Conservation firing sounds.
- New Scavenger aura.
- New map loading screen.
- Added the g_bouncy cmd. Treats all walkable surfaces as trampolines. Intended for development purposes, but can be fun to play around with.
- Ubered ammo no longer used up while Conservation is active.
- Moved Storage Capsule state messages to the client; now prints as large text in the same manner as the normal holdable activation message.
- Fixed a bug where players that approached a flag with a capture-mode Storage Capsule would look like they picked up the flag, even though they really didn't (and cannot)
- Fixed weapon limit stats being hidden by flag indicators in CTF.
- Fixed a bug that would cause items knocked onto movers to continue to be affected by those movers after respawning.
- Fixed a bug that prevented players who weren't carrying the enemy flag from returning their own flag by touching it.
- Fixed a bug in which a knocked-away flag that returned to its location didn't generate a return announcement, and would continue to identify as missing.
- Fixed a bug in which a player who uses an item they were currently carrying in the Storage Capsule would cause the original item (the one they picked up and captured in the first place) to disappear as if it had been picked up.
- Fixed a homing rocket related movement bug that persisted due to only appearing in .vm compiled game code.
- Fixed a bug in which the game would crash if a player attempted to use an item in the Storage Capsule that was originally a dropped item.
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