In 2011 I was making a map called The Gloom and I stopped, in fact I mostly stopped mapping until just late last year. I begun finishing off the map I was making and I'd like for some people to try it out and help me find and fix bugs. I would appreciate it a lot, thanks :).

nanoSpawn Rep. 50
#2   27 Feb 2018
Just played it a couple games against bots and couldn't find any bugs. No zebraings, no misaligned textures, no weird clippings where to get stuck or anything. It's rock solid here. I quite like the setup and everything.
I'd like a serious review of this map in terms of spawn points and item placements.
Vicarious Rep. 158
#5   03 Mar 2018
Ill play it for an hour when i get home and ill let you know. 👍
Tig Rep. 1604
#6   04 Mar 2018
With bots, they seem to focus around the main open area. That open area, due to the size, is a little dark and the lightning is a little too regular.

The supersaturate colours are a little too much. A hint of colour can go a long way.

There are a number of dead-ends and long corridors. The teleporters help a lot here but maybe the ones that put you at the main action area could be adjusted a bit.

The MegaHealth does pull the game play focus. I wanted a quicker way from the main lower floor to the middle and top area. For example, swap the main area lower teleport to a jump pad to keep people in the game more. Under the green "church" window, a jump pad to the top level (maybe).

From the medi-kit, short cut to the long corridor above and maybe shorten the long "back" corridor.

Punch a hole from the lower main floor through the wall and create a short corridor with a 90 degree bend to the red fog pit and add a launch pad up to the RL.

The lightning gun / ammo combo may not be in the right spot.

It is an enjoyable map and I had fun but does feel a little dated. This could be just the colours and long corridors.

Thanks for the advice, this is what I have changed so far:

Edited 3 days after the original posting.

I think I've pretty much got the layout and clipping sorted out, would anyone like to test it pls? gameplay

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