Patching a map without bot support with created AAS
CZghostRep. 1171
04 Dec 2016, 04:00 AEDT
As I have figured out, if I separate BSP and AAS in two different PK3's (which is adviced in patch making), it doesn't work, the AAS needs to be with BSP in one pk3. How to solve this, if I need permission to modify pk3 content and author does not have working mail address stated in readme anymore? It's this map:;20city
I generated AAS file for the BSP and gave it to a quake3 player to test - it works if you put it in the same pk3, but not in separate pk3. So I need to contact author for permission to upload patched pk3, but mail address does not work - he has been banned for inactivity. That way I can't release it (upload it here) and author does not know about that particular patch. And maybe author does not do quake3 stuff anymore and this mail address was created for this special purpose.
How to obtain permission then? He can't play this map online before it gets patched officially here (and maybe anywhere else, but I don't know where else it have been uploaded)...
leileiRep. 197
04 Dec 2016, 04:28 AEDT
If the scenario you stated were to be true, then Q3 patch 1.27's pak4.pk3 (which contains new replacement .aas files for the stock q3 maps) wouldn't work at all.
But it does.
CZghostRep. 1171
04 Dec 2016, 04:43 AEDT
But the aas for stock q3 maps already exist in pak0.pk3. If the pak4.pk3 contains ONLY the aas files, how you can be 100% sure it's these particular aas files that are loaded into game? What if anyone screweed something up when released this one? What if anything was changed in game code after 1.27 patch to prevent this type of patches? These files are binary files and may be considered computer programs. If someone loaded invalid aas file, which is in fact virus, it could do some serious damage to computer. That way the aas patch pk3's are forbidden then, maybe. prejudice2 does not have aas file in original pk3, so it doesn't work. See this thread:;t=52523
CZghostRep. 1171
04 Dec 2016, 04:50 AEDT
Okay, maybe you're right :) It was invalid pk3 that caused problem. I made pk3 with command line 7zip, maybe it produced incorrect bytestream :D
TigRep. 613
04 Dec 2016, 10:57 AEDT
@CZghost: The patch for Ruined City - - looks good. I have added the patch now.
CZghostRep. 1171
04 Dec 2016, 19:08 AEDT
Thank you :) It's always author responsibility to include full support for his map including bots. I made the patch for one particular player that would sell an organ to get bot support :D So I made it and sent in to test, he gave me an echo it works. I decided to put it here to make sure other people will be able to play bots as well :)
CZghostRep. 1171
04 Dec 2016, 19:09 AEDT
Also, it was only to launch bspc and put it in pk3 :D
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