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Started by Takkie
Takkie Rep. 1698
#1   08 Apr 2015
The Dead Simple mod:!ArnrOx...FK7kmbIpGfOwUgS
Based on the 'unofficial Quake III Arena gamecode patch' a.k.a. baseq3a by Eugene C. and they are fully compatible with the quake3e engine.
More info at:
This mod covers most of the previous 'simple' mods:
'instagib', 'high octane', 'slugs or rockets', 'not clan arena', 'telefrag', 'random weapons' and 'rocket only' but they are still available for download.
I had problems finding an instagib mod with bots fully functional for the latest point release. So I build something myself.
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Jad Rep. 0
#2   02 Jul 2017
Hi Takkie,

I hope you're still around. I just installed both your mods on my MacBook Pro. This is a great flashback for me as q3a was and still is one of my favourite games. Especially the instagib mod. I got the normal mod going but your instagib mod for Team Arena crashes the game and puts me back to the desktop. Do you have any ideas why this might be?

Also, if you know any good instagib map packs let me know. I want to get back into it. 8)

megamind Rep. 30
#3   31 Jul 2020
Hahaha! "Problems finding source code". Doesn't post source code :P
And maybe something to do with this:
Takkie Rep. 1698
#4   22 Dec 2020
Those tutorials I used to build my own instagib / nailgun only mods. Finding the source code isn't a problem.
Finding a good full functional instagib mod without any fuzz still is...
I still wonder what people us for instagib...
Cpma, excessive plus or something else?
Perhaps adding this to the .bat file helps:
+seta com_hunkmegs "256"
hunkmegs 128 should do fine, I personally have it set to 512. I also use the quake3e engine now. And I am very pleased with it.
For me almost any map works in instagib.
From d3fx1 to bgmp1, I just like the maps to be build with some kind of architectural flow. I don't know how to describe it...
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Takkie Rep. 1698
#5   10 Mar 2021
Slugs and Rockets - random only
This new version of Slugs and Rockets is build from the 'unofficial Quake III Arena gamecode patch' (baseq3a) by Eugene C. and is fully compatible with the quake3e engine and the Vulkan renderer.
For this new version I had to start coding from scratch and with limited skills and a lot of SlugRock experience I choose to go for simplicity and fun.
You spawn with either the railgun or rocket launcher (at random), unlimited ammo and 125 health. All items except for the flags in CTF are removed from the map. When your health and/or armor are below 100 they will automatically regenerate to a maximum of 100. That's it. No further settings, cVars or whatever. Well you also get all the smoothness and high quality stuff from the 'unofficial Quake III Arena gamecode patch' and the quake3e engine. (the old full version is still available from the downloads section at the SlugRock site).
I also made this little hub for my mods:
Because I have plans to release a few mor e 'little mods'...
Also I added health regeneration to the instagib mod (v303) so when you and your rg are on a rampage you can go on and on without the fear of cratering...
I updated the link in the first post with the new versions.
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Takkie Rep. 1698
#6   12 Mar 2021
Here is a 'new' mod to bother you all with. I might eventually pack 'em all in one mod but I kinda dislike coding cVar's (my brain starts burning when I think about how to connect the server side with the UI properly)... Anyway.
It is just a simple gameplay modification. It works with all gametypes. I named it:
Not Clan Arena’ (q3NCA).
From the level all items are removed except the flags in CTF. Every player spawns with all the weapons and very limited ammo. Your ammo regenerates slowly to a for each weapon specific amount. Health and armor also regenerate to 100 each. The rate is at 1 point per second (which is slow).
Weapon ammo regen specifications:
BFG - start 0 - max 1 - regen 1/30 seconds
RG - start 1 - max 3 - regen 1/15 seconds
RL - start 3 - max 5 - regen 1/15 seconds
PG - start 20 - max 40 - regen 4/10 seconds
LG - start 25 - max 50 - regen 5/10 seconds
GL - start 3 - max 5- regen 1/5 seconds
SG - start 3 - max 5 - regen 1/5 seconds
MG - start 50 - 100 max - regen 5/5 seconds
So it is a bit like Clan Arena but also not. Hence the name 'Not Clan Arena'.
Suggestions/feedback always appreciated. I might tinker a bit with the weapon ammo specs because i think it would be nice that in fierce combat you really need to use different weapons (but I believe I am pretty close with these specs).
The mod is build from the 'unofficial Quake III Arena gamecode patch’ (baseq3a) by Eugene C.
Download link in first post or visit: for more info.
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raspatan Rep. 4134
#7   12 Mar 2021
Sounds fun and very strategic... but only to be played with humans? How is bot AI affected by it? I mean strategic because you could go around in groups to protect you from sudden ammo loss (like one in front, then another in front, and so on).
Takkie Rep. 1698
#8   12 Mar 2021
Bot change weapons more. What weapons they switch to depends on the bot. A few come in with PG and switch to LG for the finish. Others fire rg whenever they can. I changed their aggresion according their inventory. I think I'll drop the SG ammo and GL ammo to 5 max. Because sarge just runs around with his SG. Start amount will still be 5 because you'll run out of the others quite fast.
In ctf the flag carrier if it reaches its base usually ends up with that bfg shot. But health regenerates slow so still vulnerable.
Bots don't plan ahead. They don't wait for a full inventory before attacking. I notice that I myself plan more ahead before engaging.
Takkie Rep. 1698
#9   15 Mar 2021
Added two more little mods:
q3HO: High Octane (might ring a bell...) OK it is over the top. But it is something I want to play once in a while so I thought there might be others too.
q3RW: Random Weapons, you spawn with a random weapon. probability for MG and BFG is set to 5% the other weapons probability are set to 15%. The 'weaker' weapons are a bit amped to balance more with the heavier arsenal. Still it is 'unbalanced'.... You might want to test it and see a frustrated bot with just the GL on q3dm17 ;) On other maps the GL is more effective.
Anyways... The updates are in the first post.
Takkie Rep. 1698
#10   30 Mar 2021
A new mod which makes most of the previous little mods obsolete.
The Dead Simple: A no items mod with simple configuration allowing quick access without overthinking unnecessary details (imho). Includes weapon selection, on/off switch for instagib (all weapons) , a switch for self damage and switches for health- armor- and ammo-regeneration. At start the configuration is set to railgun-instagib but it saves your latest settings.
Note: with the ammoRegen you start with a bit more ammo but the regeneration is slow you will run out of ammo if you rely too much on one weapon.
for more info.
Tig Rep. 1184
#11   31 Mar 2021
@Takkie : Really enjoying seeing you making these mods. Just a quick heads up, the Download TDS: (more info) link is broken for me.
Takkie Rep. 1698
#12   31 Mar 2021
@Tig thanks for the heads up. I just noticed it and the more info link should work fine now.
And yeah I am having fun with it :)
riky rice Rep. 0
#13   07 Apr 2022
Thanks for your mods! Could you also make a freeze tag mod?
Putzo Rep. 0
#14   13 days ago
Are items, powerups and weapons supposed to be present in the map during a Instagib match? Picking they up does nothing, but they are absent during warm-up, so what gives? I'm using a Quake3e binary from April 22 from the github project page. Tried on a fresh Q3 install with no configs and no extra pk3s and still doesn't behave like expected.
Putzo Rep. 0
#15   12 days ago
Ok, so apparently setting "g_warmup 0" is a workaround for items spawning during an IG match, not ideal but I can live with that. Strangely, "g_doWarmup" is currently made to be read-only in the src from "ec-/baseq3a" for some reason.

Having a working IG game with bots in a vanilla Q3 environment is proving to be quite the task, modern engine or not.

Putzo Rep. 0
#16   12 days ago
Also Takkie, thoughts on putting your source modification on github? Sharing the source somehow would be nice.

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