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ioq3ta-nailed mod & ioq3-instagib
Started by Takkie
Takkie Rep. 908
#1   08 Apr 2015
For my own pleasure I made a Nailgun-only mod for Team Arena.
You can download it here:
(You'll need to have ioquake3 and Team Arena installed)

I also had problems finding an instagib mod based on the ioq3 source-code.
So i build one myself.
You can download ioq3-instagib here:
(you'll need to have ioquake3 installed)

Have fun with it and please report issues ;)

and fyi:
I made a poorly constructed nailgun-only mod almost 9 years ago.
The ghost of planetquake still has it for viewing

Jad Rep. 0
#2   02 Jul 2017
Hi Takkie,

I hope you're still around. I just installed both your mods on my MacBook Pro. This is a great flashback for me as q3a was and still is one of my favourite games. Especially the instagib mod. I got the normal mod going but your instagib mod for Team Arena crashes the game and puts me back to the desktop. Do you have any ideas why this might be?

Also, if you know any good instagib map packs let me know. I want to get back into it. 8)

megamind Rep. 0
#3   31 Jul 2020
Hahaha! "Problems finding source code". Doesn't post source code :P
And maybe something to do with this:
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