[OpenArena] OA compatibility thread
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Neon_Knight Rep. 204
#1   11 Feb 2014
As LvL has started supporting OA compatibility, I thought it was a good idea to open this thread.
For starters, here are the compatible OA maps:

Browse option - lvlworld.com/openarena
Advance search - lvlworld.com/searchadvance/OpenArena

We also have on the OA wiki the Map compatibility list: openarena.wikia.co...p_compatibility

The purpose of this thread is for reporting missing stuff on maps, either sounds or textures, whether they appear on the list or not. The Wiki (and the compatibility list) shall be updated as reports start appearing.

Tig Rep. 1324
#2   20 Feb 2014
@Neon_Knight (and anyone else): You can add the OpenArena tag yourself, as well as many other tags.

  1. Go to the map page, then "Overview".
  2. Near the top right there is an "Edit Details" link, click it (you must be logged in).
  3. Under "Available elements", "Game Types" you will find "OpenArena" at the end of the list. Click it, and that is it.
Head back to the "Overview" to see your changes.
Neon_Knight Rep. 204
#3   20 Feb 2014
Oh, never noticed that. Thanks!
Tig Rep. 1324
#4   08 Mar 2014
I've started work on a "browse" option for OpenArena maps.

The browse option is current hidden, but you can use this URL (which will not change) lvlworld.com/openarena

I need to make some changes to the "browse" menu, to make it a lot more flexible and when that happens, this link will be integrated for sure.

I've also edited the original post to include this info, hope thats OK with you Neon_Knight :]

Neon_Knight Rep. 204
#5   11 Mar 2014
That's cool. :thumbsup:
leilei Rep. 363
#6   08 Apr 2014
I've recently added placeholder functionality to the engine which turns missing map textures away from using defaultTexture and using a more generic rock texture instead.
Mapmodels get chromed because there's not really any hope in replacing textures for Q3 meshes in OA, except for a few effects like spotlight shafts and teleporter cylinders.
leilei Rep. 363
#7   30 Jun 2014
OT but LvL is slightly influencing my menu system :)
KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2220
#8   19 Feb 2015
@leilei: Is that OpenArena? I don't remember that model being in the game.
leilei Rep. 363
#9   19 Feb 2015
it's the reboot. Part of the refactoring/optimizing goal is also a different art direction to accompany it better.

Edited 1.21 hours after the original posting.

Martinus Rep. 572
#10   26 Nov 2016
Is Open Arena still under developement?
I made a map (mostly) for Open Arena, and I want to know the game limits will be increased in the future?
Can I make a mod requirement in this post for the game? I would be happy if the game will has payload/cart escort gamemode, and I also volunteer for some mapping works.
leilei Rep. 363
#11   27 Nov 2016
It's still in development, but a little complciated to explain:

  • The data (media etc) is undergoing a rather closed-dev reboot with only one contributor (myself) doing the bulk of it. because online version control is a pain in the butt for artistic productivity time.
  • The code is being actively developed publicly on GitHub. Nightly builds of the engine/gamecode have recently become available
Personally I don't think Payload can work due to the fast player movement and lack of class-based play to give it the rockpaperscissors formula that would make sense for a defense-based gametype...
Neon_Knight Rep. 204
#12   07 Oct 2017
I know this comes too late, but...

@Martinus, we already have 13 gametypes to choose from: 0.8.8 has the ones from Q3A and TA plus Elimination (Clan Arena), CTF Elimination (Clan Arena with flags), Last Man Standing, Double Domination (yep, the one from UT200X), Single Domination (the one from UT99) and OA3 will also add Possession from Q3 Revolution (basically keep the flag for the longest time as possible), remade from scratch.

However, if you'd like to contribute to something OA-related, we have the OpenArena Community Mappack Vol. 2 under development. Just restarted development on it some days ago, with my first contribution to it, to boot!

Edited 9.93 minutes after the original posting.

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