Jumping Jack Flash
Jumping Jack Flash by johnboy

A small DM map made up of a two story box divided into smaller boxes interconnected by straight narrow corridors. The game play is better than you might expect but the texturing is not doing the layout any favours. Walls are flat and devoid of detail, each room has a different texture set, the textures are over-tiled and there are missing jump pad surfaces. All areas of the map are clearly lit but the red, blue and yellow hues combined with the texturing makes this map a bit hard on the eyes. The arena file has an error so the map will not appear in the skirmish menu. Bots run around the map but are nothing special.

Feels like an incomplete sketch.

Reviewed by cyberhazard

Update - A number of textures have been converted to jpgs (smaller file size) and the bot file has been improved. (12th Aug, 2001)

Ranked: 1.6 out of 5 (5 votes)

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