Blast Food
by Juz
Blast Food by Juz

An enjoyable 2 fort CTF style, Q3Fortress level. The inclusion of the 'Orb' sets the map apart from your average CTF and increases the speed of the game. A team holding the 'Orb' when they make a flag capture receives triple points, but you can only hold onto the 'Orb' for 2 minutes. The architecture of the forts is consistent and effective, although perhaps, a little restrained. There are some great touches like the maps on the walls and the mirror in the respawn. The Flag return point is not as clearly marked as it could have been, and there are a few sparks on the rocks on the common ground but these are minor points. As with all good Q3F maps, team work is essential, be sure to pick your classes carefully.

A nice release. Q3F fans should grab this one for sure.

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (38 votes)

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