Survivor by Rebel Assault

A medium size map, heavily based on DM6 (Quake) with some very interesting brushwork with loads of detail. Some areas almost seem overly done while other areas are flat. This contrast makes the map look a little disjointed. Like various architectures stitched together. Textures are Gothic based and for the most part are working well. I did notice a little z-fighting on an overlapped brush in a high traffic area, and some misaligned textures but nothing too scary. Suggested player loading is 2-6 but you may find r_speed issues with 6 on slower systems. Item placement keeps you moving but the nature of the layout circles you back to a central room where there is a large teleporter with the Quad just below. Overall, this map is fight city and I'll look forward to this authors next release.

Get the grenade launcher and rack up the frags.

Reviewed by cyberhazard

Ranked: 3.5 out of 5 (9 votes)

Download: Survivor by Rebel Assault