The End
The End by johnboy

Let me start by saying, this map rubs me up the wrong way. There is an issue with the .arena file and it will not work as is. As to item placement the map has the RL, RG, RA and MH in one room. Needless to say, all the action takes place here. Item placement can make or break a map and in this case it's definitely the latter. Texture choices are a little strange and you'll notice the lack of clip brushes as you run right through the floor standing torches. On the upside, the layout isn't half bad for a small sized map. All areas are well lit. There are a couple if interesting gimmicks. I think once you've seen the gimmicks this file is going to make a dead run to the Recycle Bin. Bot's hang with the goodies in that one room.

Fun for about 5 Min.

Reviewed by cyberhazard

Ranked: 3 out of 5 (7 votes)

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