15 Days to BoilerMaker
15 Days to BoilerMaker by Monsto Brukes

An excellent small DM or Tourney level with a strong industrial theme. The layout and game flow are fast for the most part. An exception is the lower run under the 100 Health it is a little long and something of a trap.

The Clockwork Droid textures have been extensively used throughout the level. These textures work well to create a cohesive and distinctive aesthetic. These shaded textures give a dimensional look to flat surfaces.

Technically there are a number of errors with the brush work. In particular you can get outside the map via a simple rocket jump to the lip above the Haste. The author could have used caulk texture a lot more to bring down the r_speeds which are borderline in a few spots. A large section of the level has been boxed in, not the most optimised way to build a level. Bots have a small problem on the lower Bounce Pad near the Yellow Armour but otherwise play the level just fine.

Plenty of potential, some more tweaking would have been nice.

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (17 votes)

Download: 15 Days to BoilerMaker by Monsto Brukes