15 Days to BoilerMaker
date: 31st of Dec 1999.
Quake3Arena DM/Tourney level.

title: 15 Days to BoilerMaker
file: q3monsto4.pk3
author: Monsto Brukes
email address: **email removed**
URL: tarot.telefragged.com


play information

skills 0,1,2,3: no
tourney: 1on1 and 2on2 works well
deathmatch: 4 - 8 works best. More than that
and it gets rediculous
CTF: no
Bot File (aas): yes
other: Arena file included
new sounds: Yes - machine sounds to fit the theme
new graphics: Yes - CWD texture set from HeadHunters,
which has more than the set posted by
new music: no

how to play place q3monsto4.pk3 in your /baseq3/ folder
start quake3arena
play "single player"
find my work of art amongst the list of other maps and play (=

Other info

2nd released Q3 map. I was 80% done in about 25 hours over 4 days, and took the remaining 11 because my free time was thinned out substantially. Given a full 10 hr 5th day, i could have finished it including release.

Previously, I'd spent 50-60 hrs on maps that were arguably incomplete when released ("The City of Townsville" for JailBreak Q3). I figured out that my problem was with transitions... i'd have this great idea that would make up about half the map, and then would wind up wasting time and construction time trying to build transition from the inspired area into FUNCTIONAL areas.

So with this map, after having been layout inspired by a speedmap from Equim (www.telefragged.com/speedmaps) I built the basic layout for this map in about 2 hours, sealed and playable. Then I decided "i need an area over here" and lo and behold, after abotu another 2 hours I found myself in the transition trap... basically most of my work was concentrated in a 1024 cube area trying to make the new area fit with the inspired area. That's when it dawned on me. I deleted the area, and continued with the inspiration and this is the result.

Will be included with HeadHunters Q3 release.


base: none
editor: GtkRadiant
other progs: Q3 Map Explorer by Lanzelot
Q3 ASE by Rat
know bugs: none known
build time: 35ish hours in 15 days

thanx to ...

Scampie - early encouragement, and comments
Equim - inspiration
Speedmapping clan - mad skills that allowed me to put together good brushes in the time it used to take me to open friggin Radiant
Rorshach - textures

Jessiac - gf, best friend in the entire world, mother of my newest offspring, thanx for the encouragement

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Copyright (c) 1999 ray, tigger-on, **email removed**
All rights reserved.

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