Old Skool
by SaLT
Old Skool by SaLT

Pieces from a number of Quake 1 levels have been combined to create this CTF level. Quake 1 players are going to be running around thinking I know where this bit, its from... all over the level. The under water section to the base (from the Slip Gate Complex, e1m1) is a very cool path to the flag. Unfortunately, the texturing is pretty dull throughout the level, which can make it difficult to tell which base you are in and the lighting is similarly bland. The game play is OK and the level is well worth a game or two, but it really needs some tweaking and a coat of paint to be great. Bots play OK but do not take the sliding path over the lava (The Elder God Shrine, e4m3).

OK, but could have been better.

Ranked: 2.6 out of 5 (9 votes)

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