Bloodhouse by Gamma

A sprawling layout with lots of big open areas that make for some fun Rocket and Rail fights. A grey stone mountain fortress the terrain moves from chunky lichen rock walls, into the high ceiling interiors. The decaying castle is well envisioned with broken floors and walls, (although some of the texture are misaligned). The twisted rock bridge over a yawning chasm of rocky spikes to the Quad is a nice feature. The game play is very horizontal and item placement isn't working to make you move you around the level. Having the Rocket Launcher and Quad placed so close together means games focus in this area, and the rest of the level becomes almost redundant. Bots play ok.

A lot of work on the architecture, not enough work on the item placement.

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (185 votes)

Download: Bloodhouse by Gamma