The Forgotten Place (Extended)
The Forgotten Place (Extended) by RedBull Matt

A remix of The Forgotten Place (q3dm5). Extra corridors and small rooms have been added around the map to try and expand the game play. The original from id Software is a mostly horizontal match with only the low walkways and small drops giving any real height. The extensions keeps to this and oddly seem to enclose the space and condense the game play, not expand it.

A Lightning Gun can be found close to the where the Red Armour is located in the original. The Quad, Red Armour and another Rocket Launcher can be found in the new space. The Shot Gun has been replaced with a Rail Gun. A MegaHealth sits next to the Yellow Armour. There are other item changes as well.

In the original, interactions happen all over the map with players (and bots) moving to the action. With this re-mix and the default player load of 6, the action almost always is found around the "S" walkway and Lightning Gun. Dropping the player load back to 3 like in the original was too low with the changes. Shifting to a 4 player match was better, but the action still floated towards the Lightning Gun. The location of the Red Armour, Quad, MegaHealth, Rail Gun and Rocket Launcher is what kept pulling the action here.

The brushwork and visuals are a close match to the original but not close enough to be seamless. Some more time spent here would have helped to join the old with the new in a way that was less jolting.

Bots play the level without issue, just a little predictive and become easy enough to pick-off.

Some nice ideas. A lot more time tweaking the items, brushwork and textures could have helped. As it stands, it is easy enough to stick to the original.

Ranked: 3.3 out of 5 (3 votes)

Download: The Forgotten Place (Extended) by RedBull Matt