unnamed_hlmap by *ZeRo*

Unnamed_HLMap is a very simple, large map with an incredibly dense orange fog effect that can not only put some strain on the eyes, but also takes away from the potential gameplay. I assumed that the fog was there to combat the long sightlines that span the width of the map, but I found no Rail Gun. I don't feel that it needs to be removed, but at least have a much longer visible distance, so it feels more like some alien structure currently under attack by sandstorm. There seems to be some weird stuff going on with the skybox, and most of the detailing that is present has not been clipped off. Despite this, the very simple brushwork and texturing reminds me a lot of the one-room arenas from Halo 1. I feel that with some more variety in texturing and a bit of a scale down, this map could be fun for FFA carnage and would probably go down well with CA players.

The item layout is mostly ok for a map of this type, with a Red Armor, a MegaHealth, a Rocket Launcher, a Plasma Gun and two Shot Guns. I feel that the Shot Gun on the lower end of the map should have been swapped for another rocket launcher, and the placement of the Red Armor being placed pretty much next to the mega makes it very easy to get stacked quickly. I would place these at opposite ends of the arena, one on the top level and one on the bottom. A Quad Damage should replace the Mega in the centre. The vertical scale of this map would make the Lightning Gun pretty much useless, and the Rail Gun would be too powerful with or without decent fog.

As of now, the gameplay is poor. Totally broken botplay stopped me from even being able to try this map; they simply refuse to attack at choose to sit around the 25hps on the lower level, hopping around like headless chickens. Free frags for everybody!

During my game, Keel made the witty remark: "I know cowards when I can't see 'em". Well said!

Overall, this seems like it was made by someone new to mapping, but it is definitely a start. I feel that with a bit more detailing work, more textures, fog adjustment and item swapping put into it, this map can be worth playing a couple times. Hopefully against bots, too!

Reviewed by Spike

Ranked: 2.8 out of 5 (4 votes)

Download: unnamed_hlmap by *ZeRo*