Lost Arena (2)
Lost Arena (2) by sst13

A ridiculously awesome remake of Arena of Death (Q3DM3) from the base game. sst13 has taken the very basic original map from id Software and modernised it for 2020. Parts of the map are familiar, other sections have been expanded and added. A lower floor, extra corridors, death pits, new models, new paint, secrets and even a butt plug are present in this updated version.

With the extra sections, gameplay is as expected, very different. The map now supports 4 to 6 players comfortably. Weapons, armour, health and ammo are all within reach on respawn. Picking players off from a distance, chasing around a pillar or pushing them into a death pit with a well placed rocket splash are some of the highlights in any match on this map.

The map is visually splendid with a contemporary Classic Quake style that honestly really suits Quake 3 matches. Large stone work and bricks with a solid, consistent, interesting architecture. A dark, brooding skymap just finishes everything off.

One of the funnest secret areas seen is behind a Raiders of the Lost Ark style rolling boulder. Straight from the film, the Golden Idol is replaced with a butt plug. While I never worked out how to enter this space safely, it was well worth entering \noclip mode to access the space.

If you have never played a map from sst13, start now. For everyone else, download another great remix release from this prolific author.

Ranked: 4.6 out of 5 (8 votes)

Download: Lost Arena (2) by sst13