A Phuking Phoenix
A Phuking Phoenix by dONKEY

According to the read me file, dONKEY lost all his work due to a hard drive failure, hence the title of this work: A Phuking Phoenix, which has risen from the ashes to find its way here on ..::LvL.

The author has achieved the perfect balance between looks and game play with this autumnal-themed arena. The action takes place in a rustic warehouse, outfitted with rusted metals, timber floors and dilapidated brickwork. Lichen has taken hold of many places in the building and dried maple leaves dance above the air vent bounce pads.

All weapons are featured, save the BFG, with the rocket launcher located in the main storage area. The surrounding areas are navigated through a series of corridors leading to two small outdoor areas and a small room adjacent the main arena. This houses the grenade launcher and yellow armour. All areas will see their fair share of the action as all items are well-placed throughout the map and players are given a variety of entry and exit points into and out of each area.

There is a minor issue concerning the construction of the skybox, but you won't even notice this unless you are aiming up towards the upper levels in the courtyard areas. Other than that, everything works just fine, with bots taking all items barring the red armour, which is perched on the far corner of a ledge in the courtyard leading up to the plasma gun.

Optimised for 1 on 1, unfortunately the author did not include tourney as a game type in the arena file, so you will need to load this manually. A Phuking Phoenix also works well as a small death match, but due to its stature, any more than four players and things will start to get a bit hectic. This one's a keeper, for sure.

Reviewed by HelterSkeleton

Ranked: 4.4 out of 5 (5 votes)

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