Hit the Floor
Hit the Floor by r3x.theCat

This map could have been a very interesting release if it was not for some errors:

  1. There are missing textures (ssctf3/s_beam_red.tga, cpm24/redstatic.tga)
  2. It is hard to identify the placement of the jumppad because the texture is not obvious.
  3. Distance between some platforms is longer than an ordinary jump (maybe for some tricks or configs, but I doubt it).

Generally, the map is compact and simple enough to remember its design with likeable textures of Q2 style. Nothing will distract you from fighting. A good choice for duels, FFA (up to 4 players) and TDM (2x2). Bots are not supported.

Reviewed by V1979

Patch file: Colton has put together a patch file which fixes the missing texture issues and adds bot support. The patch is highly recommended.

Ranked: 4.4 out of 5 (5 votes)

Download: Hit the Floor by r3x.theCat