ThornDuels by Rust7

An older CTF map, created in 2009 and sat for over 430 days on the map queue! The Readme says it needs 128 megs or less, which was meant as a joke since this map is pretty small to have more than 128 megs set up.

The map is pretty much a box map, which is unwanted by most Quakers and leads to a boring and repetitive gameplay. To be honest, that is what we have here - no surprises.

One major issue is a large body of water below the entire map. There is no way out of the water! A few well placed rockets and you can send people to either a slow drowning death or force them to type \kill in the console for a quicker suicide.

A death pit / death fog instead of the water would have been a much better solution.

Another minor issue are a few missing textures which can be fixed by downloading the mapmedia pk3.

Item placement is very suspect. It is easy to pick-up 2 Red Armour's within seconds!

The bots are a little interesting to play against, but they do have a few issues and at times even seem lost. They will also drown if they fall off the ledges in to the water below. Best to find a few humans for more enjoyable CTF action.

Since it's an old map back from 2009, have a look. Not a keeper.

Reviewed by CZghost

Ranked: 0.9 out of 5 (4 votes)

Download: ThornDuels by Rust7