q3D3pak1 - Eclipse, Edge2, Hellplay
q3D3pak1 - Eclipse, Edge2, Hellplay by InsaneKid

A conversion of three Doom 3 maps to Quake 3 Arena.

The maps are a little thin on the details, poor brush work and in general need a good solid look at by someone with artistic skills. They just do not look completely finished. This is mostly due to blocky, random shapes, shader errors and poor lighting.

The game play is strongest on the first of the maps Eclipse, but is focused on the central area. The invisible steps are a little strange and are just not working. Other parts of the map seldom see activity.

Edge2, the second map in the pack is possible based on Edge2 from Doom 3, but is a little hard to tell beyond the central area. This is not really a problem or even an issue, but the game play is lackluster. The angel teleporter is interesting but seems out-of-place with the Temple of Retribution (q3dm7) texture set.

The last map is called Hellplay and consists of tight corridors, flat lighting and remembering where you are in the labyrinth layout. Artistically, this is strongest of the three.

A fair amount of work has been put into these three maps, but focusing all that hard work into a single map may have produced a better result.

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (4 votes)

Download: q3D3pak1 - Eclipse, Edge2, Hellplay by InsaneKid