Starforce by sst13

An entry into the 20 Brush Contest Volume 1, Starforce is a small gauntlet-only space arena.

The layout consists purely of a star-shaped platform and a void. All bullets are removed from players upon spawning to keep gameplay purely down to gauntlet usage.

The most interesting aspect of the map are the shaders. While download does not include any custom textures, sst13 still manages to pull-off some interesting visuals - the flaming red star in the center and flying stars around it, finished off with a custom set of blood splat effects!

Overall it is fun for a few mindless pummel matches but is more interesting from a technical point of view.

Reviewed by themuffinator

Tigs notes: The map file is included in the download if people are interested in seeing how some of the effects are done.

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (9 votes)

Download: Starforce by sst13