Maze-eur by deQer

Maze-eur by deQer is a fast and open Gothic-style map designed for a LAN party (build time: 3 days). In the readme the author says it is made for CTF but it is also playable in Free For All and Team Deathmatch. The map consists of to symmetrical bases connected with a wide central room where two stairways can be found.

In each base there are 2 MH!, a RG, a RL, a GL, a PG, a SG, a YA and a personal teleporter - the only items you have to fight for are the regeneration powerup, the RA in the central room and the two YA on the stairways. Putting the personal teleporter in front of the flags made capturing very easy.

Bot play is good but they do not use the stairways, but that is OK because they are a quite useless part of the map - placing for example a Quad into the lower area would give them more importance. What is really annoying is that if the flag falls down into the lava in the central room it does not return - so you have to restart the match.

All in all it is an enjoyable map with very fast captures - I suggest to play it with Instagib or FreezeTag if you play TDM.

Reviewed by cityy

Ranked: 3.6 out of 5 (11 votes)

Download: Maze-eur by deQer