Temple of Amun & Temple of Amun 2v2
Temple of Amun & Temple of Amun 2v2 by noctis

The map pack has an Egyptian theme, as empathized by the textures. The layout is nice, providing good game play. There are 3 levels, with areas that seem well connected. There are two maps in this release, n3dm1 and n3tourney1. The action is good and the bots play well.

The main difference I noticed between the maps are; on the DM map there is a Quad and on the tourney map it is replace with a yellow armor. A corridor from the Quad to the RA room has also been removed.

Overall I really like this release. The tourney version of this map could use a few changes. Otherwise it could have been left out, in my opinion.

Definitely download this map. I feel this map will be around for a while on my hard drive at least.

Reviewed by Bizkit

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (36 votes)

Download: Temple of Amun & Temple of Amun 2v2 by noctis

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