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The Vestibule
The Vestibule by MaLFuNCTioN

Good on first appearances, there is a nice, simple gothic style interior with an outside area. More playing reveals some problems. Quite a number of the walls are really thin. Too many of the items are placed up on features which require a small jump (or double jump) to reach. A few more clip brushes would have cut down on how many times players are snagged on the walls. The outside area could also have been finished off a lot more.

Gameplay is not great, no bot support (or out of date file). Could have benefited from more time being spent on finishing it off.

Updated - 20.mar.00 The .zip file now contains a working bot (.aas) file.

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (2 votes)

Download: The Vestibule by MaLFuNCTioN

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