Short Fused
Short Fused by Eggman

There is an interesting theme in this map. Lots of rusted industrial catwalks, lava and green crystals give the feeling you are in a futuristic mine, but perhaps after a volcanic eruption. The brush work is complex and just about perfect except for the tiniest bit of Z-Fighting way up high. Textures/shaders are all done well. Lighting is just a little bit too dark in places, but these are only small areas. Item placement is generally good and I really like how the MH has been placed offset to a jumppad, meaning you have to find another way to get at it. Quad is placed in quite an interest spot and the Battle Suit will require a little bit of thinking to reach it. There are a couple of items that have been blocked off, something that annoys me but maybe not other people.

This is a large map that probably needs at least 6 players to get it cooking. Bot support is included but is a bit pointless because of the only big flaw in the map. The brushwork, especially underfoot, is just so complex that is hard to get any sort of flow. It is extremely hard to tell where you have to jump and where you can just step, where you can bunny-hop, where you will fall. Bots obviously have a hard time with this and get stuck and I can empathise... I felt like a n00b jumping around, falling, hitting ledges and getting stuck.

It's a shame there isn't more Player Clipping and attention paid to gameplay, because this could be quite a fun map.

Reviewed by Leone

Ranked: 3.6 out of 5 (9 votes)

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