Everything Else Is Green
Everything Else Is Green by Fjoggs

Everything Else Is Green is an excellent tournament release from Fjoggs. The textures bring out a nice green industrial theme, and accompanied with some nice brushwork, make the map very attractive. Lighting is good and doesn't keep any parts of the map too dark, although things are a bit bright in places.

Game play is exceptional and the item placement combines with the map's layout to give a tremendous tournament experience, and fun in a four player Deathmatch. I found the Rail Gun placement especially good, because you can pick it up on the lower floor with a hang over above you and then enter the teleporter to appear up on the same hang over, facing a rocket launcher to pick off anyone trying to snatch it. There is also a MegaHealth area, which you must drop into and exit via a slow moving lift (making you a perfect target for grenadiers). Bots use the map pretty well, although have a habit of using the MegaHealth trap and getting stuck down there until attacked.

A must have for tournament fans, and may well be a keeper. It's a worthwhile download for those who like small Deathmatches as well.

Reviewed by {DEMO}LITION

Ranked: 3.6 out of 5 (12 votes)

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