Dark Wood
Dark Wood by chumbucket

I really don't know where to start, but i'll try to be as helpful as I possibly can. As stated by the author that this is his first Quake3 map release.

The layout is not great. Holes in the floor in the center of the map seem pointless and become quite annoying on the way to your enemy's base. Rail tower's for your camping pleasure are in place. The bridges are more like tight rope's. There appears to have been no planning to this CTF level. The brush work is not good and the author notes that this is how it was meant to be, why?

Textures do not make a great map, but mis-alignment is an eyesore. Lighting is terrible. I found myself looking at the floor to see where I was walking and hoping I wouldn't fall into another hole while I was fragging my way to the enemy base.

Items and placement was not good at all. There are two platforms in which each team can get under. What I found was just mind blowing and unbelievable. Mega/Flight/Bio-suit and its not just one of each either. Something you do not want to see in a CTF map. There is YA in each base along with some small healths, armor shards and a couple other health items. With the Bio-suit and Mega-health why would you need these other items anyways?

Weapons were the same as the items, poor. There is a PG, RG and the infamous BFG. Yes that is it. No SG or RL which everyone would normally come to expect, but not this time around. The BFG is placed where all the powerful items are. The PG is located where the flags are with four boxes of ammo. The RG is but of course located in the towers which will encourage camping for snipers.

Bot's don't play to well due to the fact that there are so many powerful items in the map. They focus their attention on grabbing them instead of going for the flag. With human players, its just no fun.

There are forums and tutorials out there to help you with just about everything you need to know to become a better mapper. I highly suggest you find some.

Not worth the download, feels more like a test map than a CTF.

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