Saint CTF 2
by Kaz
Saint CTF 2 by Kaz

Nicely put together with some clean brushwork. This is a fun, medium-sized CTF and Team Arena level with good connectivity and weapon/ammo placement. Textures are mostly id originals, though there are some additions and tweaks. The style is sort of Gothic, with strong team colouring and trim is well detailed without being overdone. The skybox, just visible between the bars of the windows, is cool too.

The bots play OK, though they tend to stick to the route with the LG and RG even though it is the longest route. Flag grabs are tricky, as the flag area is a dead-end area, so some team coordination is essential. Only one tiny nitpick: the bouncepad to the RA bridge could have been further away from the teleport/spawn point - it's easy to overrun it and miss entirely.

Good fun. Needs humans though.

Reviewed by seremtan

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (18 votes)

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