Anguis in herba
by dAde
Anguis in herba by dAde

Map is pretty much a small Egyptian style building. Sock's Egyptian textures are used very well here. Although there seemed to be two missing textures. Textures for the portals and the jump pads were missing. The flow of the map is pretty good. There was one wall that I think could use a little brushwork, but other than that everything else was good. Bots play the map well, navigating throughout the whole map.

Overall a nice map. I might keep it for a bit.

Reviewed by Bizkit

Tigs notes: There are a few missing textures in this release unless you have the mapmedia.pk3 release. The mapmedia.pk3 is a texture pack for developers.

Ranked: 3.2 out of 5 (14 votes)

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