Saint CTF 1
by Kaz
Saint CTF 1 by Kaz

Crisply textured in Egyptian temple style, this is a straight forward CTF map which also comes in DM, Q3A TA One Flag and Overload flavours. There are three ways into each base, all of which are easily defended, and the flags (in vanilla CTF) sit in a niche in the wall, making captures fairly challenging. All the weapons bar the BFG are represented, ammo is scarce and a MH in the central atrium requires some air control to reach, adding to the fun. There are no powerups (too small, really). Weapon layout is good, but the placing of both YAs on the same side means one player can scoop them up one after the other when assaulting the enemy base, which is a flaw. The only other drawback is the length of the RG passage alongside the central atrium; it's possible to shoot from one end of the map to the other here, making defending somewhat easy on this side.

Bots play well. 3v3 is the maximum I'd recommend; any more and everyone gets in everyone else's way and you end up just holding down the space bar (or whatever key you use to fire).

A small download too, and well worth it.

Reviewed by seremtan

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (21 votes)

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