Slug Storehouse
Slug Storehouse by Idolator

Not only does it stray from the regular spacemap aesthetic, but it serves up a few refreshing gameplay treats along the way. Although there are about three obvious control points, none of them are impermeable, making for some tense dueling moments for both the up and the down player. The control points are not lost in FFA games, being the focus of some very heated action. Teleporters abound in this map and play a central role in overthrowing power points. They may seem like a hindrance than a help until you learn the simple pattern they follow. Subtle fluctuations in hight mean that most areas of this map will provide interesting combat possibilities.

In tournament games the MegaHealth did not really seem worth the trek or danger. A Quad or haste may have proved more inviting to the down player. Aside from this, Item placement is excellent, with armor shards and health placement particularly impressing this reviewer.

Bots play well, though I'd advise even rookie players to bump their skill up to at least Hardcore if you want a challenge. They fall in to the void on the odd occasion.

This map is definitely worth the download, even if you're not overly keen on spacemaps. Whether you'll keep it or not has yet to be seen, but I know I'll be loading it up for seconds.

Reviewed by ShadowGhast.

Ranked: 3.1 out of 5 (9 votes)

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