Frank Lloyd Wright's - Falling Water
Screenshot for Frank Lloyd Wright's - Falling Water by 187-J4CK4L
Added: 12 Mar, 2003   More than 10 years old A 360 degree panorama is available.
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This your basic realism map. As the title says it is based on a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The textures are seem to work with the authors intent on duplicating the real thing. The map basically just consists of the house with a small lawn. The house is a little tight, has a lot of sharp turns and a few average sized rooms. Game play is not the greatest, but it is OK. Bots seem to navigate the map well. The r_speeds are a little high so you will need a good machine to run this map.

Download if you are into realism maps. I don't see many people keeping this one.

Reviewed by Bizkit.

Ranked:   4.1 out of 5 (total votes: 13)
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