noq3dm2pt2 by noname

noq3dm2pt2 by noname is a very small one vs one map, housing a SG, RL, and LG. If you're looking for a map that is straight in your face gibfest, than this is it.

I personally found the map to be a bit too constrictive and difficult to move around in. If you do not grab a weapon fast you're out of luck as spawnfrags are an easy accomplishment with the size factor. It is a very nice looking map, but I think the author could have spent more time on thinking about game play. Good for a couple rounds for sure and a nice small download.

Probably wouldn't stay on your hard-drive.

Reviewed by v1l3

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (8 votes)

Download: noq3dm2pt2 by noname