Sixth_Sense by CP]I[Omega

A simplistic two-floored arena map in a grey industrial style. There is good detailing on the lower levels walls and support structures, and with pipes and struts up in the roof. Unfortunately large parts of the upper floor and its ceiling are lazily textured in a single brick texture. The high levels of detail come at a price - there are a lot of visible tris and quite a bit of overdraw, which is likely to give a considerable performance hit on mid to low range machines. The central fog/lava pit needs some shader tweaks so that the game can draw it properly, and the weapon pads needed to be built from more than one brush - you should be able to see faces on their interior but can't. The readme rudely neglects to credit the creators of its custom textures and mapobjects: some are from evil_lair and some from Freshteam's Artic pack, but I couldn't place all of them.

Game play is pretty much what you expect - initially quite exciting due to the speed of play but ultimately unsatisfactory and very repetitive due to the unimaginative layout. Respawning right in front of a well armed and armoured opponent is a regular annoyance. The central lava pit needs some botclips to make the bots understand it better, and a nodrop brush to stop dropped weapons piling up there. The lifts appear to be made from doors instead of func_plats, causing problems for spectators as well as making the bots to completely ignore them. Personally I would have favoured teleports to the upper floor, speeding up traffic as the area is presently underused. Hopefully the author will try a more complex multi-room layout next time. A slick patch on the floor feels like it's been used for the sake of it rather than for a game play feature.

The cool visuals are let down badly by an overly simplistic layout, lack of vis-blocking (or possibly just vising), bot-play issues that should have been corrected, and a sense of being unfinished, making this map fairly average overall.

Reviewed by Shallow

Ranked: 1.7 out of 5 (29 votes)

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