Bullet Ride (2)
Bullet Ride (2) by Teddy

An excellent Tourney/TDM map that makes fantastic use of a lot of the same textures / brushes, with lighting and a mood to die for! This map has its roots placed firmly in the Gothic style Dungeon image we all know as Quake.

Item placement is excellent, the only gripe I have is the use of two grenade ammo boxes so close together, Grenades used tactfully as a retreat or cover will work wonders. Too many grenades leads to spamming.

This is a must have for Tourney and small TeamDM players!. The Generations Arena Mod springs to mind, as does the CPMA mod, but the quality of play is equally enjoyable in plain old Quake 3.

Bots play extremely well, making for power-ups after a while.

If you like a real Gothic Quake map with excellent game-play and superb lighting... Download Now!

Reviewed by EBUK.

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (19 votes)

Download: Bullet Ride (2) by Teddy