Kryptonite by wviperw

This small/medium sized FFA map was an absolute pleasure to play using the CPMA Mod and in vanilla Quake 3, great fun from beginning to end.

An industrial theme laser drilling complex, that almost appears to have burrowed its way into the earth. almost like it has been abandoned and has some kind of super plexi glass holding the lava flow in! It could explode at any moment! Tense story already, this map is great!

The dark hard industrial/tech theme atrium and heart of the interior gives way to slighty brighter areas outside and is finally blended brilliantly with the lighter outside rocky areas, softened well by the almost fantasy style teleporters.

Either way the style, texture and build of this map was an absolute pleasure to just walk around in at first, real atmosphere that kind of absorbs you!

The bots played extremely well, I plumped for the fuller 8 man FFA payload (hardcore) and it worked a treat, great fun.

I have to agree with the author and say to appreciate the technical workings of this map you really have to play a Tourney game or a small FFA, but a fat payload won the day for me.

Item position is excellent, making you work to reload. The RA and the MegaHealth both have a calculated risk to be taken with the Lava Pit and the jump to the center atrium. The different style areas makes for a thinking game of FFA or 1 vs 1, game play that invites the use of all the weapons!

Great fun but to appreciate a much more intense game of 'duck and dive tag', you really want to be playing using the CPMA mod.

Download and burn!

Reviewed by EBUK.

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (14 votes)

Download: Kryptonite by wviperw