Jocko Destructo
Jocko Destructo by G0DR0CK3T =D3V0=

A straight forward corridor/room layout in a simple concrete theme, using a small selection of textures drawn from Evillair's Evil 8 texture set. Strangely, the texture for the blend stage from one of the light shaders has been used for many of the trims in this level. None of the curves have been caulked behind, causing ugly shadow seams at their edges. Some systems will get z-fighting from this. Although straight forward and very blocky, the brushwork serves its purpose and is not without appeal. The lighting could have done with more work and is probably too dark for most people's tastes.

Item placement is somewhat excessive, with big rows of shards and three major weapons within sight of each other at one point. The personal teleporter is of questionable usefulness in an FFA map this size. Movement options are limited as the level feels mostly like a long string of rooms, although it does actually loop over itself in parts there are no vertical connections to take advantage of this.

Bots play OK, but have a disconcerting habit of walking along the wall trims. They often try to clear each room of its many items before moving on.

Not a keeper but fun for a few quick rounds.

Reviewed by Shallow[BAP]

Ranked: 2.1 out of 5 (3 votes)

Download: Jocko Destructo by G0DR0CK3T =D3V0=