Simple by Matt Cole

Several medium-size platforms at different heights are connected with catwalks, stairs, jumppads and elevator platforms. At first glance, the perfect recipe for a space map! Except, it isn't. The platforms are too few, too small, and are covered in large garish decorations that obstruct movement and view. The catwalks are far too long and spindly - a rocket hit anywhere near you will send you plummeting to a negative frag, every time. The elevators here take the form of huge cubes, done up in glowing gold-and-blue ugliness. These cubes move from platform to platform in a completely nonsensical manner, sometimes stopping in midair far from 'land'. While in motion, they go far too fast to make accurate shots from. A foot-switch in the center of the level seems to start and stop the cubes' motion - or maybe not, I can not really tell.

Weapon placement seems an afterthought. The architecture prevents weapon and item placement from making a difference. 4 times out of 5 you get the death pit before you make it to a gun. Bots roam the whole level, but wisely stay off the jumpads and cubes.

The author used a nice looking skybox, but on the whole, this map is ugly and not fun to play. Best to skip this one.

- monaco

Ranked: 2.8 out of 5 (7 votes)

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