Delusions of grandeur
by jpx
Delusions of grandeur by jpx

This authors first attempt at speed-mapping and unfortunately it shows from the second you load it up. Not in the sense that the map is utter rubbish, but this map was made with such speed that the author even forgot to include a texture or two. Not good :(

Apart from that, the map is ok. VERY small, two side sections branching off the main, one floor atrium and some steps also leading from the main atrium to the rail. RL is in the center, so things are pretty chaotic even with 3 players. This map was great fun with 15 Bots - I just had to try it :) The GL and plasma are on the only raised ground overlooking the main atrium and the Bots do not make use of the spamming opportunity. Textures are Sock's Egyptian set. Another atrium would have been nice.

Get this if you prefer time-limits to frag-limits and just want to blast your buddies into oblivion again and again without the hassle of going anywhere to find them.

- Jonothan Cakebread

Ranked: 2.2 out of 5 (4 votes)

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