Bad Behavior by Christopher (killer) Miller

This is a typical space floater, with rather boring textures, and a very strange layout. I feel there were too many bounce and acceleration pads. The bots seem to navigate the map pretty well. Not much action throughout the map, it all seems to be concentrated in the center. You pretty much have to hunt down your enemies.

I would not recommended it, but give it a try and see what you think.

Reviewed by Bizkit.

Second opinion

It's been far too long since a map of this style has been released. Mappers everywhere, download this and start making maps like it! This is just a superb map to play. The action is blindingly quick, the way it should be, never more than a few steps or a jump-pad away. The balance between sniping like a talentless hack and charging full bore at anyone you see, rocket launcher blazing, is just divine. Q1 fans will love this map.

Textures are very restricted but used in a strikingly effective manner. Shaders are used to create ambience and character rather than just eye-candy. Every texture works perfectly in conjunction with both the architecture style and the other textures. The architecture is great, unfancy, functional and above all.. real. Sublime.

Bots play this map very well, traveling everywhere, picking up almost every item in the map at some point. Lower two levels are used less frequently than the top two (except for the very middle) but all in all bot support could not really have been done much better.

Full marks... this map is just phenomenal. Would love to see more mappers drawing inspiration from this style of mapping... I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Reviewed by Jonothan Cakebread

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (8 votes)

Download: Bad Behavior by Christopher (killer) Miller