Trajectory GeoComp
Trajectory GeoComp by Mr.LyCon

Trajectory is one of those maps that you spawn into and go, WOW. Mr.LyCon has used very simple grey textures to emphasize sweet architecture. Bots play well and get everything bar the MegaHealth (at least I never saw them go for it).

The map has a rather brutal layout with everything connecting to everything else, there is no escape from the bots on hardcore. This is also one of those maps that you spawn into and say, Geocomp map... this is usually a bad thing due to the Geocomp maps being framerate killers but with 4 bots this map runs well on my system.

If your into GeoComp maps, Tourneys, or furious fragging get Trajectory. If not.. get this map anyway :)

Reviewed by kooliez

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (22 votes)

Download: Trajectory GeoComp by Mr.LyCon