Liquid Swords
Liquid Swords by Johnny

A complicated map which is a huge improvment over jnydm (Phantasmagoria) by the same author, but the structure of the map made me feel overly cramped in parts. A few of the tunnel/corridors are too tight or you can only go down them one way which made me feel trapped. Further, some areas are too dark or too *blue* and the occasional low ceiling reinforces that too close feeling.:[ There is one whole section (with a power-up) that I just never went to. Jnydm2 is not a bad level, it just has a few features that rubbed me the wrong way.

Well made, bit laggy in parts, and feels cramped, but I'm keen to see whats next from the Author.

Ranked: 2.4 out of 5 (5 votes)

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