Geometrica by wviperw

Moving floors, huge pumps, conveyor belt launchers; I love this map. Its design and its complex geometries make it nothing short of genius. There is such an incredible amount of style to this map no words or images can do it justice. It resembles the style and flow of a map done by my favorite author, Quint. The Quad is located in the center of a peninsula, surrounded by balconies and pathways, if anyone wants to get the Quad the author made sure to make it be quite a task in a full game. I could go on and on about the maps style, scale, weapon placement, etcetera etcetera but I don't feel anything I say could possibly describe this map suitably.

Just download it and see for yourself. I'm a very big fan of this map if you couldn't tell.

Reviewed by MindlessPuppet

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (38 votes)

Download: Geometrica by wviperw