Lava Pit
Lava Pit by Anton

Lava Pit is not quite what the name suggests. While there is a bottom filled with hot lava, you do not fall down there too often and neither do the bots (though when you do, it says you were in the wrong place). Players spawn up on RL ledges, and can grab a BFG or GL pretty easily. The BFG is not overpowering due to the single ammo container (only some bots bother getting it). Health is extremely abundant, with 50s sprinkled liberally just about everywhere. This can make people very hard to kill. In particular, one ledge has two 50H's and 3 boxes of slugs! You can rocket jump to the top ledges, which are well designed for camping/sniping. There are some clipping issues with the Uriel statues, whose wings get annoying when going for the jump pads. Central powerups work well here, and there is a cool hall that gets shorter as you walk into it.

Simple looking and simple playing, it's plenty of fun for a round or two.


Ranked: 3 out of 5 (7 votes)

Download: Lava Pit by Anton