The House of Quad Special Edition
The House of Quad Special Edition by -Muttly-

Mostly one room. Muttly's map would seem destined to be a total disaster, especially given that most of the map is decorated with the same texture. There are some nice visual features with the unique teleporters and broken floor beneath the Plasma Gun. The connectivity is limited. The Red Armour hallway is a deathtrap unless you know when you need to be in there. The item placement is okay considering that the Railgun and clips do not come with much ammo but a dropped Railgun is as devastating as always. The main problem lies in the fact it there is just the Red Armour and Megahealth in mostly one room while players attack you from whichever direction with plasma and rockets. Bots play okay given the circumstances.

It is an okay joust map, but most players will prefer to play levels with more than one major room.

Reviewed by Pure Imaginary

Ranked: 3.6 out of 5 (5 votes)

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